Pretty much the only character in Star Trek who typically eats real (replicator food has arguably never been alive or came from a living being) animal products (because the hearts of your enemies probably aren’t vegan) is Worf. However the actor who plays Worf, Michael Dorn, is vegan.

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everyone has that ship that they have been shipping for so long that sometimes they forget that it isn’t cannon

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*James died trying to hold off Voldemort to give Lily and Harry time to run.

*Sirius died fighting his family who stood with Voldemort, after years of being forced into hiding.

*Remus died in the battle of Hogwarts just after he’d accepted his role as a father.

*And Peter Pettigrew died after hesitating in the face of his master’s will.

~All the marauders died after doing the bravest things of their lives.

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when meat-eaters always talking bout how they only eat “humanely” farmed and “humanely” killed animals


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When a vegan lets you know about the meat, dairy, and egg industry, they are not forcing their “beliefs” down your throat. Just as an environmentalist is not forcing their “belief” down your throat when they inform you about the dangers of littering. All we are doing is trying to have you give a fuck about someone or something other than yourself.

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