This week’s Game of Thrones episode [book spoilers]

As a book fan, I’m not too happy about some drastic changes and cuts they made in the series.

I understand some things like the Reeds being cut, or the death of Amory Lorch, but the last scene of this week’s episode when Dany’s dragons get stolen was a bit of a shock. Dany seems a bit weak on this episode, and I wonder what the hell are they going to do with those stolen dragons.

BUT! Who the fuck is that girl Robb likes where is his queen what are they going to do about all the treason story if there is no queen there is no mismatch there is no Frey slaughter and I love Robb I wish he didn’t die but he does so it must happen SO HOW IS IT HAPPENING

But not to say everything sucks, I LOVE Ygritte, she’s more than perfect, she’s better than I pictured her in the books, I would definitely fall in love with her, YOU GO JON SNOW, YOU KNOW NOTHING JON SNOW.

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