I can’t take this hair anymore so tomorrow I’l go dye it red.
I really wanted to do a sidecut, but I had one once and I don’t think it was that great.

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suck it up, swallow the tears, put on nice clothes, cover your puffy eyes with makeup, cover your silence with beer, laugh, pretend.

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I think it’s so stupid when people get mad or fight about which headcanon or ship is ‘right’.

-they are fictional characters, open to interpretation and representation and changes so you can relate etc.

-everyone can ship whatever they want, and create whatever stories they want in their heads and it’s alright as long as you’re not hurting anybody.

-just because I have a really strong headcanon and otp doesn’t mean I think less of other characters, or am going to bash any ships.

-if I don’t want to read about a certain ship, I just don’t. That’s it, end of story. We can all choose what to follow, search or see and read on the internet.

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I got 99 tattoo ideas and not money for 1

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I want to read AU fanfictions of my life where everything about it is amazing

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An Open Letter to Harry Potter,


Hi. Many of you may have read my Open Letter to All Fandoms recently. I got a lot off my chest in that post, but I wanted to talk very specifically about Harry Potter for a bit.

Let me begin by establishing my Harry Potter nerd cred. I love Harry Potter. I have read every book and seen every movie. I went to midnight book releases and film showings. I have been to the theme park. I have a Hufflepuff robe and a Gryffindor robe. I have Hermione’s wand AND Time turner. I have a Nimbus 2001, a Hufflepuff scarf and tie. I even have a Harry Potter tattoo. When I tell you that I love Harry Potter, I mean it.

All of that being said, I have some beef with Harry Potter, mostly about how it completely and totally sucks at LGBTQ+ representation. Now, there’s so much going on with this topic that it’s going to take some effort for it not to just be a rambly incoherent mess. So I’ll organize this into three parts: What I wanted, What I got, and Why that isn’t enough.

If you want to comment on this, want to tell me that I’m overreacting or that I’m wrong or whatever, all I ask is that you really read all of this first. Please. Hear me out.

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I’ll just leave this wonderful rant here for everytime I have to explain why Wolfstar is so important to me, why I still ship it and in my head Rowling was just scared to show it so she made Remus straight, unhappy at marriage, and Sirius whateverwedontevenknow.
Wolfstar is what keeps me ‘close’ to the Marauders, what makes me like them so much, instead of just thinking of them as annoying boys. I hold my imaginary Remus/Sirius relationship as the most important and dear. Straight people get all the relationships to relate to, let me have those two most-perfect-together-impossible boys, post about them and be convinced they were a pair.
Also, I really like Tonks, I thought it was terrible how she changed and became sad because of this strange and unhappy relationship.

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Maybe all my interviewers can smell my desperation and that’s why they don’t hire me.

Forever unemployed.

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When I was a kid I was really confused about this ‘Latino’ thing in US movies, because I’m brazilian, and Brazil is in Latin America, but I don’t look anything like the latinos in those movies and we don’t speak spanish like our neighbours, so I asked my mom if we were the only non latino country in South America and she said: ‘Are you really using the american definition of other people and cultures to define yourself?’ and that was the end of it.

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I need money for a stomach tattoo because that’s apparently the only way I’ll ever think my belly is cute.

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I don’t even like sweets and I’m binging on them

I hate PMS.

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When someone I don’t even know in person but follow has suicidal tendencies I get really anxious. I almost jumped in front of a train once so I know, I really know that all you need is a small push. I feel useless not being able to help or do something to show them the ‘DON’T DO IT’ sign, to show them that it gets better, that they are wonderful and they can improve because they are amazing. If I had ended it then my life would have never improved like it did. It’s not perfect, far from it, but I keep thinking about all the small things I would have missed and I don’t want someone to throw their chances to say ‘fuck you’ to the world and walk all over this shit like they are meant to away because they feel they can’t do it right now.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, everyone needs help, no one can do anything alone in this world. Don’t be afraid to feel what you feel, to go throught the pain. And don’t be embarassed to talk about it because everything you feel is valid and genuine and your worth is not measured by your mental health.

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I really hate it when vegans reblog Laci Green.
I honestly cannot forget her ignorant post on veganism and her complete disregard for all the informative answers she got.
I’d rather go find another source for misogyny and feminism discussion.

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A kitty dies and everyone is like how sad and he had feelings and a personality and was very loved by the family, he was part of the gang, so sweet and all playful

A family pig pet dies and everyone is like oh poor thin.. no wait fuck pigs man they taste good huehue bacon hue i don’t care he’s bacon now hue

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I think I lost my sexual appetite

I used to be a very sexual person, wouldn’t go a week without it and I still think about it a lot, but when some opportunity to do it comes along I just… don’t want to. Even if it’s with someone who I’ve been with before or to whom I’m attracted.
I’ve been feeling tired, sad, just loaded with work and worries about my future, I usually have so much on my mind that I have to read at least 3 chapters of a book before being able to shut the world off and go to sleep. I don’t know if these things are corelated, maybe I’m just tired of fucking people I don’t care about and should be allowing myself to meet new souls and see if I connect to any of them.
It’s just so hard. People are so awful.

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Girls calling eachother ‘fat’ like that’s the worst thing you can be, just NO.

Fat is not something bad, and I’d rather be fat than evil, rude, selfish, fake or a fucking moron anytime.

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