To all my fellow vegans who, just like me, are going to sit at a table full of relatives talking about Jesus, compassion, love and mercy while eating a dead animal and claiming fish isn’t meat, be strong! Remember your ideals, enjoy a nice potato recipe and be patient with the hypocrisy.

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I want to have sex with like 90% of the people I follow here is this a disease or?

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I’m tired as fuck

I’m also having a really bad anxiety crisis and I can’t sleep or do anything.

I just want to black out for a few days.

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I’m an expert at getting physically sick for emotional reasons.

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I’m generally hard and really cold while reading comments on the internet because I know what I’ll find. But today a guy said that all women were just ‘sperm deposit’, even his mother and girlfriend. I got so upset by this, by the thought that scum like this gets to walk the streets freely and maybe even sit by my side on a bus that I’m almost crying in frustration at how horrible the world is.

My anxiety gets worse everyday and someday I won’t be able to to leave the house.

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I would totally go through your whole blog if your theme didn’t suck so bad

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I’ll be 24 next month and this great feeling of anxiety and sadness is turning me into a zombie. I have been unemployed for two years, no matter how hard I try, I’m graduating from Uni and have no carreer prospect, all of my hard work and diplomas, projects and 3 fluent languages just sitting on my resumé.

I was hired last year for a fantastic job only to have the London office call and break off their relationship with the agency here. I worked two days, doesn’t even count.

At this point I would take up ANY artistic or in the creative area job, I’ve already given up trying to be a costume designer in this country because there is no such option here.

I’ll apply for a schoolarship in a post graduation course, but without a job it will be very difficult to even support myself or for them to accept me.

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the only thing i would send to myself in a future me letter is DO YOU HAVE A JOB YET

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vegan because i opened my eyes to my own ignorance, learned the truth, and put my taste buds below the suffering of sentient beings

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Everytime I think humans are understanding the movements I see patient people trying to reason with a blog called ‘feminists4meat’. I mean, really? At first I thought it was a joke, then I realised this is a serious blog. This is probably why I never join these discussions, I just can’t believe some people.

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Tomorrow is Cacau’s (my beautiful elderly dog) surgery and I’m really nervous. She will be removing uterus, a tumor, mammary glands and checking her heart because she’s having a problem there as well.
Just send good vibes guys, she’s really fragile and she means everything to me.

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It is too hot to look decent

Honestly Brazil, 38ºC? Fuck you I want to wear make up again.

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As a bissexual I have spent my childhood and teenage years being confused and refusing to come to terms with myself. Then I’ve been thrown from straght to gay labels between groups of friends. People do not understand or recognize bissexuality, and strange enought the majority of people who made fun of me, discriminated me or didn’t take me seriously were lesbians who didn’t think I was being true to any girl I was ever with, just because I had ex boyfriends and felt attracted towards guys.
My male gay friends usually just call me a ‘lesbian’, and when I get with a guy I’m made fun of, my straight friends don’t understand and keep telling me I’m ‘confused’.
One note to everyone: I am not confused. I know exactly what I want and who I am, it’s you people who should get a grip and try to understand something extremely simple.

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I had a rice with almonds milk for the first time in my life and it tastes delicious!
I’m never drinking soy milk again.

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When you really need to have sex and your date cancels.

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